"Stämningen är dramatisk och filmisk, ömsom olycksbådande ömsom en varm filt att omfamnas av i mörkret." Daniel Hånberg Alonso, Gaffa

"Depeche Mode, zombies och en potentiell superhit är vad som gömmer sig i de synthtyngda skuggorna som utgör White Birches debut." John Strömshed, Duo Nöje

"Analoga synthar och tunga beats kombineras med Jenny Gabrielsson Mares djupa röst på ett sätt som känner till sitt ursprung men ändå lyckas kännas som framtiden" SIMBA

"De är ett av de intressantaste electropop-banden som har kommit fram det sista året." Meadow Music

"There's a strange familiarity beneath each track, a certain mystery that you long to develop; the melodramatic nature of the synthetic sound fuses the unexpected, a theatrical sensuality. Flirting with darkness, Jenny Gabrielsson Mare perfectly compliments Fredik Jonasson, lending its hand to a strange, but powerful narrative.” Noctis Magazine (UK)

"The gently throbbing synths and moody, disco influenced vocals take you on a journey that is at once timeless and utterly modern." Listen with Monger (UK)

"Jenny Gabrielsson's solemn vocals decorate "It's a Hollow World" as if to accuse us all of guilt which, in the context of the song, seems like the right course of action." Bluesbunny (UK)

"Swedish electronic duo White Birches make music for synthetic nightmares or the occasional prom (as organized by Nick Cave). Their deeply unsettling synth-based soundscapes are filled with dark bass lines, moody atmospherics and vocals that seem drawn from 6 feet under." "You will become surrounded and devoured by this music, and that's not such a bad thing after all." Nooga (US)

“reverberates majestically beneath vaulted ceilings without losing any of its emotive power" The Autumn Roses (US)

"Sinister shoegaze sounds from Stockholm" "This duo definitely deserves your attention." Nothing But Hope and Passion (GER)